The Exceptional Team Behind Specialist Network

At the core of the Specialist Network are highly skilled health professionals, each bringing a unique set of skills that form the backbone of exceptional healthcare.

With expertise that spans a spectrum of disciplines, each specialist contributes valuable insights to the practice. Notably, Dr Kenneth Loon, Principal Colorectal and General Surgeon, who stands as the visionary founder.

His foresight has seen the assembly of a team of specialists, each committed to a new level of multidisciplinary care. Dr Loon’s leadership has shaped the practice into a hub of excellence where varied medical skills converge for the benefit of patients.

Completing the surgical ensemble are Dr Manzoor Abbas, a skilled General and Endoscopic Surgeon, Dr Hassan Malik, specialising in General, HPB, and Bariatric Surgery, and Dr Richard Thompson, a dedicated Paediatric Surgeon. Together, they form a diverse and cohesive team, united by a shared passion for delivering quality care.

Renowned specialists Clinical Immunologist Dr Elizabeth da Silva, Haematologist Dr David Rabbolini and Interventional Radiologist Dr Brendon May, contribute their expertise in specialised services, further reflecting the network’s overall commitment to advanced and comprehensive healthcare solutions.

An allied health team complements the holistic and patient-centred approach and includes skilled dietitian and nutritionist Ellen Kessling, specialised physiotherapist Phoebe Armfield and musculoskeletal and women’s health physiotherapist Heidi Kim. Each customises treatment and management plans that promote overall well-being.

Psychologist and clinical hypnotist Michelle Champion provides mental health support that addresses psychological factors to ensure a comprehensive approach to healing.

Supported by compassionate nursing and professional administration teams, the Specialist Network is committed to delivering outstanding first-class care from the brightest minds in the business.

The collaborative culture and multidisciplinary approach to care provides patients with a personalised experience that not only addresses immediate health concerns but also empowers individuals on their journey towards optimal health.

Written by: Jacqueline Latimer


The Specialist Network is a dedicated group of private surgeons providing an extensive range of specialist services to the local community. Our surgeons stay updated on the latest surgical advancements and routinely consult in the fields of colorectal and general surgery.

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