Specialist Network is pleased to offer comprehensive haematology services provided by our knowledgeable and experienced Haematologist Dr David Rabbolini.

Dr Rabbolini is dedicated to the study and treatment of blood and blood-related disorders and works closely with other healthcare professionals, to provide comprehensive care for patients with complex conditions. We prioritise a multidisciplinary approach, collaborating with experts across specialties to ensure that you receive the best possible care and the most effective treatment outcomes.

Referring practitioners can confidently send referrals to Dr Rabbolini for a wide range of non-malignant haematological disorders, including platelet count anomalies, iron metabolism disorders, diagnosing and managing thrombotic disorders (both venous and arterial), bleeding disorders (including rare coagulation disorders, von Willebrand disease, and suspected platelet function disorders), immune/autoimmune disorders like ITP, bleeding disorders in pregnancy, and acquired bleeding disorders.

Referrals can be sent through medical objects.