Rheumatology services at the Specialist Network aim to deliver dedicated care for patients dealing with a spectrum of musculoskeletal and autoimmune conditions.

Within the scope of Rheumatology, conditions affecting joints, muscles, and autoimmune connective tissues are meticulously explored. Rheumatologists, as diagnostic experts, specialise in evaluating and treating a spectrum of conditions, including arthritis, joint and muscle pains, and autoimmune diseases such as Lupus. Additionally, they delve into various connective tissue diseases, including the diverse types of vasculitis.

Commonly investigated and treated conditions include:

  • Arthritis and joint/muscle pains
  • Autoimmune diseases like Lupus and various connective tissue diseases, including different types of vasculitis
  • Evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal pains

Rheumatologist Dr Maxine Szramka integrates advanced diagnostics, evidence-based treatments, and personalised care plans. Her collaborative and multidisciplinary approach ensures that patients receive the most effective and tailored interventions to enhance their quality of life.

Dr Maxine is currently accepting referrals.