GAE is a new minimally invasive procedure that blocks blood supply to the inflammation associated with osteoarthritis (OA). This inflammation, known as synovitis, is a common cause of OA pain. Recent studies also suggests that synovitis is a contributor to OA progression.

GAE uses cutting-edge endovascular techniques (inside blood vessels), to extend a small catheter into the arteries of your knee. Microscopic hydrogel beads are then injected and block the tiny abnormal arteries supplying the synovitis, depriving the inflammation of oxygen and nutrients carried by the blood. The native arteries of the knee are preserved.

GAE provides a treatment opportunity for patients who are no longer responding to conservative therapies, but are not yet ready for a knee replacement or are poor surgical candidates for other reasons. It has also been shown to help reduce residual inflammatory discomfort post-TKR (orthopaedic referral required).

Discuss your symptoms with your GP or Orthopaedic surgeon to see if GAE is right for you. A doctors’ referral is required to proceed. Further work-up may be necessary following an initial consult, including additional imaging and orthopaedic surgical review.

Additional information can be found at Dr May’s website.