Bariatric Surgery Patient Information

Obesity is a complex health challenge with far-reaching implications. If you have decided to proceed with bariatric surgery, preparation is key. It is important to implement lifestyle changes to help sustain your weight loss in the long term and mitigate associated health risks.

Preparation and suggested lifestyle changes:

  • Preoperative Consultation:
    • Attend all preoperative consultations with your bariatric surgeon to discuss the procedure, address concerns, and receive personalised guidance.
  • Medical Evaluation:
    • Complete any required preoperative medical tests, such as blood work, ECG, and imaging studies, as advised by your healthcare team.
  • Nutritional Guidance:
    • Follow the prescribed preoperative diet plan to optimise nutritional status and reduce liver size, making surgery safer and more effective.
  • Smoking:
    • If you smoke, consider quitting before surgery. Smoking can impair healing and increase the risk of complications.
  • Physical Activity:
    • Engage in light physical activity as recommended by your healthcare team.
  • Mental Preparation:
    • Prepare mentally for the surgery by understanding the procedure, potential outcomes, and recovery expectations. Address any anxieties or concerns with your healthcare team.
  • Support System:
    • Inform your family and friends about your surgery and ensure you have a reliable support system in place for the postoperative period.
  • Home Arrangements:
    • Make arrangements for your return home after surgery, including transportation and assistance with daily activities, if needed.
  • Stock Up on Essentials:
    • Stock up on postoperative essentials such as comfortable clothing, protein-rich foods, clear liquids, and any recommended supplements.
  • Postoperative Care Plan:
    • Familiarise yourself with the postoperative care plan provided by your healthcare team, including dietary guidelines, activity restrictions, and follow-up appointments.

Remember, individualised guidance from your bariatric healthcare team is crucial, and patients should adhere to the specific instructions provided by their surgeon and medical professionals.

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Nutrition & Diet

Our dietitians refer to the Nutrition Education Materials Online (NEMO) when crafting personalised diet plans both post and pre-operative. Please refer to the below links on the Queensland Health website for more information: