Bowel Diagnostics & Therapy offer anorectal manometry which measures how strong the sphincter muscles are and whether they relax or tighten when pushing. A small probe will be inserted and your sphincter muscle strength will be tested by asking you to rest, squeeze and bear down or push. A small balloon attached to the probe will be inflated to test your sensation (feeling) as this can be abnormal in many patients with pelvic floor problems.

These investigations are basic tests of the pelvic floor structure and function for patients with incontinence, obstructed defecation syndrome and prolapse. These tests can also be performed in patients with other conditions including anal fistulas and fissures.

The tests do not require any sedation so you can drive yourself to and from the appointment.

Anorectal physiology tests are safe, low risk procedures and are unlikely to cause any pain. Please inform the doctor if you experience any discomfort or pain or wish to pause for a while during the tests.

If you are allergic to latex, you should inform the doctor before the test so that a latex free balloon can be used.

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