Lauren Grams
Registered Nurse & Client Liaison

Lauren Grams

Registered Nurse and Client Liaison


Lauren Grams is an experienced Registered Nurse whose diverse background equips her with valuable skills for her role at Specialist Network.

With years of experience in various healthcare settings, Lauren has honed her interpersonal skills, decision-making abilities, and collaboration within multidisciplinary teams.

Lauren’s recent roles have highlighted her proficiency in managing various healthcare scenarios, building on her history of collaboration and information sharing.

In her role as assessor for Services Australia, she provided specialist medical opinions, collaborated with internal and external stakeholders, and navigated complex medical eligibility issues for clients

Having served as a Clinical Trial Coordinator/Clinical Research Nurse with Monash University, Lauren built collaborative networks with General Practitioners, becoming the GP liaison responsible for recruiting GPs throughout Queensland.

In 2018, Lauren’s flexibility shone through during her employment in rural and remote settings, where she underwent specialised training, expanding her skill set to provide quality care in diverse environments.

Her role as a Registered Nurse at QScan Radiology in 2013, supporting clinics performing radiology procedures, demonstrated her commitment to patient-centred care.

With her extensive background and commitment to excellence, Lauren Grams serves as a valuable Registered Nurse and Client Liaison at Specialist Network, bringing a unique blend of clinical expertise, collaborative skills, and dedication to enhancing patient outcomes.