Heidi Kim
Musculoskeletal and Women's Health Physiotherapist

Heidi Kim

Musculoskeletal and Women’s Health Physiotherapist


Heidi is a highly skilled and passionate Musculoskeletal and Women’s Health Physiotherapist with over 10 years experience in both the public and private sectors. She completed her Bachelor of Health Sciences and her Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney. Her focus is on Women’s and Pelvic Health and she has a particular interest in empowering her patients to better understand their bodies.

Heidi has extensive experience in both the private and public sector and has worked at the Gold Coast University Hospital as a senior women’s health physiotherapist. Her work there exposed her to complex pelvic pain, pre and postnatal, Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries (OASI), and urogynaecology clinics. Through her compassionate and empowering approach, Heidi helps her clients navigate their life stages and injuries, providing a tailored plan that focuses on functional rehabilitation and movement.

Heidi uses her experience as a ballet and dance teacher to bring functional rehabilitation to her pilates, exercise classes, and programs. With her strong musculoskeletal background, Heidi can treat all types of musculoskeletal injuries from the spine and neck through to the knee and foot. She provides individualised pilates and strengthening exercises that cater to the unique needs of each patient. Moreover, she conducts dance and pre-pointe assessments, flexibility and turnout assessments, addressing movement quality in her practice.

Heidi’s specialist interests lie in Women’s Health, and she is highly experienced in addressing various conditions such as incontinence, bladder urgency, prolapse, sexual pains, pregnancy and postnatal rehabilitation, menopausal care, abdominal separation, bowel defecatory issues, pelvic pain, and endometriosis. Overall, she is highly regarded in her field and is committed to providing the best possible care to her clients by continuously seeking to learn and grow in her areas of expertise.

Conditions Heidi Treats:

Womens Health:
• Pregnancy and Post Natal Care
• Urinary and Faecal Incontinence
• Bladder Urgency
• Sexual pain
• Prolapse
• Menopausal care
• Abdominal Seperation
• Bowel Defecatory Issues
• Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis

• All musculoskeletal injuries from the spine and neck through to the knee and foot.This includes Osteoarthritis, shoulder impingements, hip impingement, Patellofemoral knee pain and more
• Individualised pilates and strengthening exercise plans
• Dance and Pre Pointe Assessments
• Flexibility and Turnout Assessments

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