Lizzie Gralton
Accredited Dietition

Lizzie Gralton

Accredited Dietitian


Lizzie Gralton is an Accredited Dietitian who is passionate about optimising health through personalised nutrition solutions. Lizzie specialises in a diverse range of areas, including gut health and conditions, weight loss and chronic disease management, sports/performance nutrition, mental health and women’s health. 

With a holistic approach, Lizzie builds strong rapport with clients and establishes collaborative relationships with fellow health professionals. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science from the University of Queensland, she continuously enhances her skills and knowledge, completing courses like the FODMAP Monash Course and Inside Out Online Eating Disorder Course. 

Lizzie conducts one-on-one consultations, communicates with GPs and other allied health professionals in forming a diagnosis and treatment plan and offers educational webinars and presentations. 

So far in Lizzie’s career, she has gained valuable experience within private practice settings, providing one-on-one nutrition guidance and tailored meal planning, alongside team and group-based education webinars, presentations and cooking demonstrations.  

Lizzie emphasises the importance of balanced lifestyles by offering holistic perspectives on nutrition and health. This approach ensures that her clients adopt a more enjoyable and less restrictive approach to eating, enabling them to achieve their goals and maintain these healthy habits in the long term. 

Lizzie is dedicated to helping clients discover the underlying causes of their nutrition-related conditions and offering sustainable solutions to enhance their quality of life. 

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